Saturday, 9 June 2018

Is There Freedom of Speech in the UK

No the British do not have freedom of speech. Many celebrities have been No Platformed by immature university students who don’t want to hear a point of view they don’t agree with and, worse, want to prevent third parties from hearing. In our so called free country you can be charged with a "hate crime" if someone feels offended by your words even if you didn’t intend to cause offence or haven't broken the law.

The country is riddled with Anti Free Speech Fascists who have developed tactics – amounting to verbal violence – to silence and control anyone who disagrees with them. They yell racist, sexist, homophobe or some similar noun/adjective whenever they hear an opposing point of view... and, for them and their ilk, this spells the end of the argument. Their opponents are now dismissed as the lowest of the low and not worthy of further attention.

This attack on personal expression has inevitably gone further than just dumbing speech. It has spread to become an assault on our very culture. Activities that have been regarded as normal for years, maybe centuries, now offend the AFSF brigade. For example Morris dancers have been attacked for blacking their faces, Maypole revellers hounded from their venues, a butcher condemned for hanging dead game in his shop and a market vendor banned from shouting his wares, all as the result of a solitary complaint by some gormless offendee. The list is endless... to the point where devout Christians daren’t openly quote passages from the Bible.

Even English humour has been kicked into touch. Many comedians will no longer gig at universities. The old, innocent but Mickey taking gags, that we laughed at in the school playground could now land you in the dock. I dread to think what would happen to someone who came up with a Christian, Muslim and Jew joke, but the setting has endless hilarious possibilities.

Free speech? Long gone!

Oh... and for God’s sake don’t mention the Empire

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