Poet on a Hill

Saturday, 19 September 2009


After every scare you get told yet more stories about the latest clampdown on airport security. And you think, ‘Well, they’ve had centuries of experience at dealing with spies and terrorists and things, so by now they must have every angle sussed. Let’s face it, there’s no way anyone’s ever going to get another bomb aboard a plane.’ But then another nutter gets through with an exploding pacemaker or a stick of dynamite in place of his penis. And we’re off again with more assurances about the latest improved surveillance techniques.

But it’s all a joke. Honest. I flew up to Edinburgh recently and in that bit where you take off your coat and shoes and walk through the gate with your trousers round your ankles because they’re x-raying your belt for machinegun bullets, I watched in wonder as they led this little old north-European lady to an interrogation table and stood her on the naughty-step for 10 minutes while they did all kinds of chemical checks on her toothpaste. It turned out that they were checking to see if it was some kind of witches brew that was about to remove the forthcoming flight from the easyJet schedule.

On the homeward trip I watched them do the same to a doddery old north-European man, along with an assortment of other equally unlikely volunteers for the suicide squad. While, at the same time, all kinds other far more fearsome characters were going through unchallenged. I mean men in dark glasses, women with studs in their noses and tattoos on their arms; even people with gliding eyes and ticks and things; all going through on the nod.

In the case of the old lady I was willing to accept that MI5 had probably unearthed murky material on the internet that led them to believe that Help the Aged was about to kick off with the Mother of All Revolutions. But now it looked much bigger than that. So I asked one of the sentinels what it was all about. And he said, ‘We check every third person for explosives.’

‘Eh?! Run that past me again.’

‘We check every third person, sir. Step over here and put your Pearly White on the table.’

Hmm. Let’s think about this. We’re at war with Islamic terrorists. Or at least, they are at war with us. They’ve said so. And, to prove it, they’ve already taken a few planes out of circulation, to say nothing of buses and trains and things. And now they say they want to blow the rest of us up. In fact, they are so keen to atomise us all that they will quite happily vaporise themselves at the same time. So let’s face it, we’re not dealing with the brightest stars in the galaxy here. I didn’t get many marks on the tacticians’ course but I did learn enough to know that you lob the hand grenade as far as possible and dive for cover. You don’t tuck it in your Y-fronts and run towards the enemy. Think abourrit, no self respecting IRA bomber would stick his holdall under his own table in a restaurant. This is all basic stuff. So we can reasonably conclude that the average Islamic terrorist is not quite the full set. They are beatable – if you play your cards right.

Now, during World War II we were fighting the Germans and Italians. So Churchill interned all their likely sympathisers. That is, Germans and Italians living in the UK. He didn’t intern every third person. He could have, but he didn’t. He targeted his potential enemy and interned them. And it worked. We won. And the experts will tell you that that if Churchill had simply interned every third person – on balance we would probably have lost.

I’m not going to bore you with the technicalities here. But Churchill led us to victory by outsmarting the enemy. And that’s what you’ve got to do; outsmart the foe. So, in today’s money, how might Churchill have tackled this toothpaste problem? Well, to start with, he might have reasoned that, as the enemy are Islamic terrorists, it might be a good idea to examine the denture cream of anyone who looked like a son of the prophet or was peeping out from the inside of a burka. Failing that, every third man with a beard or woman in a headscarf might turn something up; but not – just every third person – black, white or indifferent. Nor do you concentrate on every third Methodist, Catholic or Scottish Wee-free. Think tactics.

OK, the Germans and Italians were smart. So Churchill had to outsmart them – beat them at their own game. But when your enemy’s mindless you don’t win by trying to be a bigger idiot.

Friday, 18 September 2009


A Word About the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is generally read by the British people who
fought and defeated Hitler and stood against communism in the
Cold War. These people and the generations who worked to get the country
back on its feet when the war was over are the backbone of the nation
and are what Britain once stood for.

The same paper and its readers were once mocked by the
Jesus lookalikes and mad women who wanted to ban the bomb
and capitulate to the Russians. And they are now mocked by
the PC Trotskyites who are giving the country away in a self-interested
wave of unchecked immigration, multiculturalism and self-pitying 
human rights worship at the expense of the discipline of 
human responsibility and obligation.


Meanwhile in Scotland the Brave …

A motorist is stuck in a queue of traffic in Ayr. His car is stationary.
His handbrake is on. His nose starts to run. So he gets out his
handkerchief and wipes it. He is immediately accosted by a
policeman who issues him with a £60 on-the-spot-fine for not
being in proper control of his vehicle. He refuses to pay. So
now he faces trial in court.

Mind you the motorist should have known better than to leave the house.
A few months ago, in the same town, a bloke accidently dropped a
£10 note and was nicked for throwing litter on the floor.

Is that a police state? or is it a police state?


Meanwhile in Merrie England …

An Iraqi who killed two British cosmetic surgeons
19 years ago after receiving a command from Allah, is being
allowed to remain in Britain to protect his human rights.
He has been on the drug clozapine for 10 years to counter his
schizophrenia, but if he is sent back home the Iraqis might
take him off the treatment so he will be a danger to their public.
So to protect Iraqi human rights, a man who  killed two
British doctors, thus removing their human rights,
is allowed to remain here. I might be wrong here,
but this is giving me all the wrong messages.

Why not send him home with a note telling the Iraqis
what treatment he needs? And if they say, ‘No can do,’
arrange for the drug to be supplied to them on a regular
basis. That’s what the post war rebuilding of Iraqi
society is supposed to be about.
Or have I got that wrong too?



Thursday, 17 September 2009


A Few Words on Global Warming

Scientists at the University of East Anglia withheld information about climate change,
in breach of the Freedom of Information Act. Why?
Then a glacier scientist, Dr Murari Lal, tells us that a report by the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is based on information that has never been verified.
We are told that the report went ahead without verification ‘to encourage politicians to take
positive action.’

The point here is that the IPCC’s own statement of principles is ‘to assess
on an objective, open and transparent basis, scientific information.’
In other words, IPCC reports should be completely neutral.

And the World Wildlife Fund issued a statement on their Website on 20 January 2010,
regretting, ‘Any confusion caused by our role in repeating the erroneous quote in the
2005 report.’
The quote in question contained erroneous information, ‘About the rate at which
glaciers are melting in the Himalayas ... This particular prediction has subsequently
proved incorrect.’
i.e. the likelihood of Himalayan Glaciers disappearing by 2035 due to climate change
is incorrect.

The point here is that many scientists, organisations and pressure groups are
so obsessed by so-called ‘Man Made Global Warming,’ and are so anxious
to prove their point that they go off half-cock.

Sticking with the principle that if you see that some parts of an argument are
in doubt – make them prove it all.
Stay agnostic my friend.

References: David Rose, Daily Mail Jan 24 2010
WWF Website Jan 20 2010


Wednesday, 16 September 2009


One Man’s Meat …

I do not ski myself. But I was in a ski resort recently and it was a bit of an eye opener.
Everyone clumping around in padded suits, hard hats and leaden boots.
I found it all very alien and Sci Fi, as if I had been transported to another planet and was 
witnessing the enslaved victims of some extra-terrestrial  invasion-force being herded into
long straddling queues in sub zero conditions as they waited their turn to scramble
aboard the conveyor belt that would hoist them up the mountainside, into the snow
and cloud where they would join their work parties out of sight and mind of a
defeated world. While all the while, like boulders in a landslide, myriads of others
came hurtling down the slope as if gathered from space and cast and scattered by
a giant invisible dumper to reinforce the never-ending lines of drudges who trudged
unsmiling towards the ceaseless clatter of the unpitying machine.
Sci Fi?
Yes – in a way. And yet … And yet I would not have felt the least bit surprised
to spot a swastika-flashing Heinrich Himmler, peak-capped, monocle-eyed, 
hands clasped behind his rigid back, as he paced to and fro
beside his
shuffling lines of hapless captives, muttering, ‘Der experiment geht gut.’ 
In the bar of a night when I asked the escapees what they got out of all this
they said – satisfaction ... Hmmm.


Meanwhile in Merrie England …

I see that the equalities commission is about to prosecute
the BNP for banning non-white members. Fair enough I suppose,
racism and all that jazz. But what about the Black Police Association?
Even its name is racist. It implies, ‘No whites here.’
Or have I got this wrong again? Think abourrit.


Another stray thought.

God, (Whatever that may mean,) has arranged for us all, mice and men, oak trees
and sausages, to hurtle through space and time on an unfinished spaceship.
I’m talking plate tectonics here, continental drift, earthquakes, volcanoes,
long term climate change, tsunamis, all that kind of thing.
And we are told to believe that this God thing is all knowing,
all encompassing and incapable of being wrong.
So it knows what it’s up to; and still chose to do it.
So is God still eligible to enter the all-loving all-caring parent contest?




Monday, 14 September 2009

Now, let us pray ...

Dear … er – Allah … er – Brahma … er – Buddha … er – God … er – Jesus … er – forget it. Amen.

The BNP, Nick Griffin and the BBC.

The BBC’s Question Time on the twenty-second of October, starring Nick Griffin of the BNP, was a disgrace – and Dimbleby, who presided over it, should tell us what he was aiming at. The programme is supposed to be a topical and political airing of views, a bastion of free speech. But it was none of that. Neither the panel nor the audience were there to debate. They just turned up to hound and bully the invited victim – Griffin.

The whole show stank of a set-up. It was advertised and plugged like no Question Time before it. We were all agog, waiting for it. And they didn’t disappoint us. It was beautifully staged; from the yelling hysterical lynch mob outside to the hand picked panel, and audience hired from Rent a Victim. Then came the ritual bullying of the new boy in an astonishing exhibition of pack-instinct.

Griffin might have been the victim. But the fatality was free speech. That went right out of the window. The freedom-loving mob outside and the yah-booing yobs inside saw to that. Did daddy never tell them that free speech is all-inclusive, it doesn’t come to order. In a democracy, your enemy has a voice too, and a right to be heard. That’s not negotiable. There was no discussion here, just an outpouring of negative emotion backed by abuse; the very opposite of free speech. They got Griffin on stage then stifled him; no pros no cons.

Griffin was sneered at when he distanced himself from his previous stance on Hitler and the Holocaust; ridiculed for changing his mind. Just a minute, don’t Labour and Conservative leaders make U-turns too? I don’t see much similarity between Cameron’s Conservatives and Thatcher’s Government. Churchill was a Tory when he called Gandhi, ‘A half naked fakir,’ not very PC. Enoch Powell was in the Conservative shadow cabinet when he made his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. That wasn’t all that PC either. And New Labour bears as much resemblance to old Labour as a pig does to a chicken. Don't forget that Oswald Mosley, Hitler’s mate, was an ex Labour MP, Minister without Portfolio and - Socialist - Fabian Society member. We all change our stance. I used to be proud to be British.

Let’s face it, this Question Time was a disaster, disgrace, and self inflicted shambles. Griffin isn’t an up and coming Fuhrer. He’s not even a heavyweight politician. And as for his opponents, why was Bonnie Greer there? She’s not a politician, so what alternative policy could she offer? Or was she just a token black face? But not to worry, none of the others told us anything about their policies or put a case to counter Griffin. Jack Straw dodged the immigration issue. Sayeeda Warsi said something like, 'All asylum seekers have a good case.' No they don't. That's a ridiculous idea. The audience did what stooges do best. And as for the mob outside … did they know why they were there or where they were? Some of them had placards that declared, ‘Millions of Iraqis killed since 2003.’ What’s that got to do with the BNP? It was Straw’s mob, backed by Warsi’s colleagues who took us into that lot. Why didn’t the hecklers challenge them on that?

The present growth of the BNP springs from New Labour’s immigration policy and this bully boy State with its thousands of new rules and offences. Everyone’s a paedophile until they prove otherwise and if you don’t want a traveller’s camp at the bottom of the garden you’re a racist. New Labour is the BNP’s recruiting sergeant. You reap what you sow.