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Sunday, 20 September 2009


February 2010
So why is global warming freezing my balls off?


February 2010

Christine Cuddihy, 24, goes into Tesco in Coventry to buy a 51p piece of quiche
for her supper. But the cashier won’t serve her until she produces her driving licence
to prove that she is over 21. So you’ve got to be over 21 to buy quiche?
OK so this particular cashier is a nutter. But she’s probably been driven nuts
by all the petty laws that have been forced on her by the
power crazed idiots who run the country.

Andrea Charman, headmistress of Lydd Primary School in Kent,
has been forced to resign after being hounded by parents.
Lydd Primary reared a sheep called Marcus on the school farm.
And in due course, the school council, made up of 7 to 11 years olds,
voted to send the lamb to be slaughtered for meat; like you do.
But other kids had nervous breakdowns at the trauma of it all and had to be counselled.
Poor little mites. Don’t tell them about chickens and Christmas turkeys.
Anyway it all led to parents protesting outside the school and organising a petition on Facebook.
Mrs Chaman told friends she was being victimised and bullied.
The parents involved had all better be vegetarians,
They’ve got some explaining to do on Judgement Day.
The magistrate that day will be the Sacrificial Lamb Himself.

In Britain today, living on benefit has become a lifestyle choice.
The labour government has created a culture of entitlement.
Since they came to power twelve years ago, five million adults have
never bothered
to get a job. In the UK there are 3.3 million households that
have no one employed in them. And 1.9 million children live in houses where
there is no parent at work. They are all supported by benefits paid by the people
who are willing to work. No reforms have ever dented these numbers. So we bring in
immigrants to do the jobs that idle Brits refuse to do. Show me someone on benefit and you are showing me an immigrant in disguise. Labour has a policy of minimising shame and maximising claim, because people on benefit will vote them back in power time after time.After all, if you are a benefit lout you don’t want someone in office who might make you work.But the fact is that people who are prepared to live off the efforts of others are living in a form of poverty. It is a mental and spiritual poverty. They have nothing to get up for,
nothing to live for. No purpose.
No self esteem. For them, a
belief in work, family and religion, and eventually self, go out of
the window. These are the people of the country so, inevitably, they will drag the country down to their level.
Under New Labour the country has plummeted into moral degeneration. Their idea
of progress is a levelling down process. No winners in school. No winners in games. No winners in life. So everyone is a loser. The fact is that f
it people should not get anything they haven’t earned. Ignorance and idleness are a disease: a fatal disease. Without a miracle Britain is a dead duck.