Poet on a Hill

Friday, 18 September 2009


A Word About the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is generally read by the British people who
fought and defeated Hitler and stood against communism in the
Cold War. These people and the generations who worked to get the country
back on its feet when the war was over are the backbone of the nation
and are what Britain once stood for.

The same paper and its readers were once mocked by the
Jesus lookalikes and mad women who wanted to ban the bomb
and capitulate to the Russians. And they are now mocked by
the PC Trotskyites who are giving the country away in a self-interested
wave of unchecked immigration, multiculturalism and self-pitying 
human rights worship at the expense of the discipline of 
human responsibility and obligation.


Meanwhile in Scotland the Brave …

A motorist is stuck in a queue of traffic in Ayr. His car is stationary.
His handbrake is on. His nose starts to run. So he gets out his
handkerchief and wipes it. He is immediately accosted by a
policeman who issues him with a £60 on-the-spot-fine for not
being in proper control of his vehicle. He refuses to pay. So
now he faces trial in court.

Mind you the motorist should have known better than to leave the house.
A few months ago, in the same town, a bloke accidently dropped a
£10 note and was nicked for throwing litter on the floor.

Is that a police state? or is it a police state?


Meanwhile in Merrie England …

An Iraqi who killed two British cosmetic surgeons
19 years ago after receiving a command from Allah, is being
allowed to remain in Britain to protect his human rights.
He has been on the drug clozapine for 10 years to counter his
schizophrenia, but if he is sent back home the Iraqis might
take him off the treatment so he will be a danger to their public.
So to protect Iraqi human rights, a man who  killed two
British doctors, thus removing their human rights,
is allowed to remain here. I might be wrong here,
but this is giving me all the wrong messages.

Why not send him home with a note telling the Iraqis
what treatment he needs? And if they say, ‘No can do,’
arrange for the drug to be supplied to them on a regular
basis. That’s what the post war rebuilding of Iraqi
society is supposed to be about.
Or have I got that wrong too?