Poet on a Hill

Thursday, 17 September 2009


A Few Words on Global Warming

Scientists at the University of East Anglia withheld information about climate change,
in breach of the Freedom of Information Act. Why?
Then a glacier scientist, Dr Murari Lal, tells us that a report by the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is based on information that has never been verified.
We are told that the report went ahead without verification ‘to encourage politicians to take
positive action.’

The point here is that the IPCC’s own statement of principles is ‘to assess
on an objective, open and transparent basis, scientific information.’
In other words, IPCC reports should be completely neutral.

And the World Wildlife Fund issued a statement on their Website on 20 January 2010,
regretting, ‘Any confusion caused by our role in repeating the erroneous quote in the
2005 report.’
The quote in question contained erroneous information, ‘About the rate at which
glaciers are melting in the Himalayas ... This particular prediction has subsequently
proved incorrect.’
i.e. the likelihood of Himalayan Glaciers disappearing by 2035 due to climate change
is incorrect.

The point here is that many scientists, organisations and pressure groups are
so obsessed by so-called ‘Man Made Global Warming,’ and are so anxious
to prove their point that they go off half-cock.

Sticking with the principle that if you see that some parts of an argument are
in doubt – make them prove it all.
Stay agnostic my friend.

References: David Rose, Daily Mail Jan 24 2010
WWF Website Jan 20 2010